The Top 3 Tech Items for Under $1

During the holidays many people spend massive amounts of money on tech and honestly sometimes it’s not necessarily needed!

In this article you will find three great tech items for under a dollar online! Some include free shipping whereas some do not, but for a dollar it’s an absolute steal!

The first item is a Samsung S6 case for just 74 cents! Now for just under a dollar you can not expect an amazing case, but it is clear which allows you to show off the great design and it wraps around the front to give you extra protection incase you drop it!

The second item is a mini lavalier mic for your computer or smart phone! For only ninety-nine cents on Ebay it’s a great pick up for the holidays for anyone who does Skype calls or even makes YouTube content and wants to step up their audio quality!

The last item is a portable charger! For just under a dollar, it is the perfect item for the holiday season. As the weather gets colder and colder your battery seems to last way less than usual, so why not treat yourself or a friend to a portable charger.

Photo from Wikipedia

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