Very Merry Makeup

Recently I was scrolling through my Snapchat, along with many other people and found a story on ‘Discover’ about some holiday season make up trends that are starting to blow up. In case you missed it, let me fill you in on “Christmas Trends That Will Blow up.” BRIT & CO’s Snapchat had gone through a list of ideas and cool tricks to prepare you for Christmas and New Years parties to come, or even just to be festive for the holidays!

I caught up with a friend of mine, Meghan Franks who saw a couple of them on social media and decided to try them out for herself!

Do you enjoy testing out makeup trends?

“I think it is one of my favorite things to do with makeup, I get bored doing the same makeup routine everyday and it never hurts to try new things.”

Personally, what’s one of your favorites?

“I really want to try the holographic lips but I haven’t had the chance to because i heard it was expensive. One I’ve tried that i really like is the ‘frosted shadow’ look with whites and blues.”

  1. Holographic Lips

    -Sigma Beauty's Lip Switch lip gloss in 'Transend ' is a good one to try.

  2. Candy Cane Cat eye or even snowflake liner has it's own snowflake eyeliner!


  3. Glitter Hair Part/Roots

    - Put on some dry shampoo, use some hair spray or apply gel, and glitter.
     (I recommend sprinkling it instead of dumping it on top of your head.)


  4.    Gold Highlighter is always a hit.

    - Apply some to your cupid's  and the bridge of your nose!

  5.    The Winter Minimal

    - Add a bright bold lip along with your basic makeup routine.

  6.    Moody Green Shadow

    - Choose some dark green shadow along with a shimmery green and a neutral color (like a dark brown)

  7.  Metallic Lip

    - Kylie Cosmetics has a Metals with; 'King K, Reign & Heir matte lipstick.' 
    Along with Kylie, Jeffree Star cosmetics has a couple of metallics to choose from too!


  8.  Frosty Lids

    - A Bunch of Bright shimmery shadows!

  9.  Holiday Ombre

    -Reds, greens, and Golds!
     Lining your crease with gold liner and shadow is trending also.

  10. Next- Level Lashes

    -glittery mascara makes your eyes POP!
    *Reminder some of these can be really difficult to try out
     if you don't have the right products!:)
Info from: Snapchat
Images from: Pinterest, Youtube .Refinery29, popsugar, .Buzzfeed, .Diy and Crafts.


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