Hunting Season 2016-17

Ohio experienced another good hunting season this fall/winter.  66,759 white-tailed deer were harvested in a week long gun season. That is down from 73,392 deer last year. 18,776 deer were harvested on the first day of gun season, Monday November 28. That´s down from 22,253 deer harvested on the first day of gun season in 2015. 155 deer were taken from Portage County alone. 157 were taken last year, so the deer population around here was kept in check. There is still 5 days of gun season left. Saturday December 17 and Sunday December 18 are two extra days of regular gun season. January 7th-10th is a three day long muzzle-loader season. Hunting is good for Ohio´s economy and helps keep the deer population in check.  Ohio ranks 5th in the nation of resident hunters and 11th in jobs created from hunting and hunting activities. Hunting earned Ohio´s economy more than 853 million dollars in sale of equipment, tags, gas and lodging according to Nation Shooting Sports Foundation´s Hunting in America. Another successful hunting season is wrapping up in Ohio.

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