What Does Christmas Mean to You? 

Christmas is coming up faster than we know it. Christmas has many different meanings to so many different people. Kids at Field High School defiantly feel differently. 

I asked many kids what Christmas meant to them and here are some of their responses. Junior Kyleigh Moore said 

“Christmas is my favorite holiday, not because I get presents but because I give presents” 

I asked her “How does giving presents to others make you feel?” 

“It makes me feel happy that I can make other happy”

Hearing Kyleigh Moore express how she feels giving to others really make you see that there are still many good people in the world. 

I continued asking what Christmas meant to others, Sophomore Isaiah Prather replied saying 

“Christmas to me is spending time with my family and looking at memes all morning. I also say “bet” to my mom every time I open a present, especially this year, It’s a “big bet” that it’s going to be a great year” 

Talking to Isaiah he seemed very ecstatic about this Christmas and is even more excited about break coming up next week. 

I asked two more students what Christmas meant to them. 

Freshman Dylan Mcvey was also excited to answer these questions replying with 

“Hanging out with my family, we live far apart so we all come together for Christmas. We don’t have many traditions but we just enjoy each other’s company”

Lastly Sophomore Aly Jordan stated

“It’s a time that I get to see my family and a time for everyone to get together and see one another and give gifts”

I asked Aly how she felt waking up on Christmas morning, her answer was 

“I’m always excited because I love seeing the looks on my families faces when they open the gifts I got them and opening my presents is always the fun part” 

This year so far makes it look like a snowy Christmas. Everyone from Field High School wishes you the happiest of Holidays. 

Information from: Kyleigh Moore, Isaiah Prather, Dylan Mcvey, Aly Jordan 
Picture from: Inhabitat.com 

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