Artist Spotlight: Miranda Evans

Today’s skilled artist is Field senior Miranda Evans!

Having worked on plenty of view-able art plastered around the art room, Miranda’s talented work is easy to find.

Focusing a lot on collages, Miranda also likes to use acrylic and watercolor when putting together her fantastic artwork.

When asked how long it takes for a finished piece to come out Miranda had this to say,

“Depends on the Media and size of the project. So for my mural (shown below), for instance, will be a few months. A collage would be a few days. And a painting is about one to two days.”

Working on many collaborations, one thing Miranda would like people to know about her is,

“I’m always up for collaborations! If anyone ever wanted to do a project with me, I’d love to! I do a lot of things with Austin Ord.”

Miranda’s work is generally full of colors that appeal and attract the eye, and it is clear that effort and hard work is put into each piece, which makes them all the more breathtaking!

Field student Abby Mortimer while viewing Miranda’s art commented,

“Its fresh and innovative! Its a modern twist on old art techniques!”

When asked were Miranda’s inspiration came from and how she got into art, she replied with,

“Honestly, I don’t even know myself. It just like, happens. There are a lot of reoccurring themes, however. I really like painting plants and collage-ing people. When I do things with Austin we typically listen to really fast emo music from Spotify.

And as Miranda plans to major in fashion and go into merchandising after this year, Miranda’s ideal career would be,

“…something that not only caters to me being a control freak…but also to my love of art. It’s a cool way to express yourself.”

All in all Miranda is an inspiration and has a bright future ahead of her. Her art and personality will be missed when she graduates to make her career goals a reality!

Best wishes from us all!

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