Drama Club Meeting

If you haven’t heard, the drama club, including any new members who might be interested, will be meeting on Wednesday, December 21, in the Field High School choir room to discuss the Spring Musical for this year. The directors, Kristen Luchka and Arwen Evenstar Smith also be talking about the auditions and crew. They will most likely be passing out a calendar for the auditions, crew meetings and practices.

Image from The Odyssey Online

The last few musical productions have been The Little Mermaid (2015) and Clue: The Musical (2016), which both had huge casts. During the middle school performance of the fall play, Selfie!, Mrs. Luchka announced that this year’s musical will be huge and is going to need help from some 8th graders, meaning that auditions are also open to 8th graders this year.

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