Vision of the Stars Chapter 9

Image from the bgfons website

She could hear the men behind her, too close for comfort. Instead of trying to out run them, she decided to maneuver her way up into the trees, and gain higher ground. Carina took many turns. After a quick sharp turn she disappeared up into the trees

The men below just missed seeing her climb, and continued to follow a trail that lead nowhere. Carina followed from above, close behind. She counted ten men, all larger than her, but hopefully, she would have the surprise advantage. Quickly she hopped down, and snatched a sword from one of the men’s holders, then slashed at his back.

Without a second look, she jumped over him and landed another swing on a second guard. That was all she could do before a third grabbed her by the throat and threw her into a tree. The eight other men grabbed their swords and charged at Carina.

She tried to move out of the way but still received a long cut on her arm. Nothing too bad, but still enough to hinder her. Genos pushed through his men and surrounded Carina before she could move any further. “Men,” he stated, “This is the day the kingdom’s pest falls.”

“You were a good man once.” Carina cried, trying to reason with him, “You taught me sword skill and proper knight code! But as soon as I crossed the king, with good intentions mind you, it was decided you would kill me.”

An upset tone filled the air as Genos retorted back, oozing with hatred,

“You are dead to me and the kingdom. I’m ashamed to have been associated with you.”


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