Senior Spotlight: Dominic Smith 

Photos taken from Instagram, @domsmith40x

Field high School Senior, Dominic Smith. This varsity quarterback, running back and middle linebacker has played football for a total of ten years. Smith has also played baseball for ten years, playing outfield and catcher. Dominic has been a part of Field’s wrestling team for eight years. Dom’s favorite sport of the three is football. When asked why, he responded:”I like football better because I love the sport, I love the people I play with and working as a team.” 

I also asked Dominic where he looks for inspiration and he responded:

“I just think about how great the results will be when I am finished. I believe in working hard and no days off.” 

Being such a dedicated player in all he does Dominic participates in the Field High School sports program year round. Three out of four seasons for the school. I asked Isaiah Prather his thoughts on Dom he responded, with no hesitation, 

“Dom Smith is one of the most talented people I’ve ever come across helps people improve in the sports they play. He’s always working hard and there’s not a morning I haven’t seen him in the weight room trying to improve. All around a great guy and I’m excited to see where he goes in the future.”

With so many athletes in the underclass looking up to him, Dom is a great example of an inspiring athlete.

Information from: Dominic Smith & Isaiah Prather

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