Snow Days

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With a new winter season, snow days become the topic of most student conversations. Whether it be wanting a snow day, or complaining that they didn’t get one. Whatever the reason may be, it is a heavily debated topic.

What are the actual requirements needed before a school will close?

There a few main factors needed before a school can actually close. The first and main one is the temperature. If a school is too cold or the conditions are below a certain temperature, a school may close in order to prevent students from being too cold.

The second factor is snow levels. If the roads are too dangerous to drive on or if the building just generally has too much snow to be cleared out before the school day would begin, then school will be cancelled.

Another factor is structural damage. In some rare cases, a building may have damages that could be dangerous to students. These events could cause a school to close in order to repair any damages whether it be a heater or just some roofing issues.

How many snow days can a school have before it has to make up those days in the summer?

The state of Ohio has recently revamped how many snow days a school can have. It now revolves around hours. Students have to have so many hours during a school year before they have to make up for them during the summer. Field high school currently has around 1100 hours in one school year. Whereas the state minimum number of hours is 1000. This enables us to have a handful of snow days, if the conditions are correct, without needing to make up for it during the summer.

Information found on wikipedia and on the educationnext website


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