College Athletes 

Being a college athlete is hard work and takes a lot of dedication. Ajee Montes goes to class and puts his head down on his desk to rest for a minute. Students that see him make comments like, “Oh, he must have had a fun night,” or, “Well, maybe he shouldn’t have pulled an ‘all-nighter’.” Montes is a starting defensive back, and has countless hours of practice. Montes states that, “Being an athlete is very tiring and a lot of hard work, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”  Nike Football Training Camp Memphis

In March 2014 the National Labor Relation Bored made the decision at Northwestern University emphasizing that being apart of a sport is not slimier to being apart of a stamp club. Players often put in many more hours training than a regular college student puts into a part time job. Football players have fourteen hour days going from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. committed to football, for there orientation week in early August. When the school year starts they usually have 40 to 50 hours a week training. They also have to travel a lot for games and sometimes stay in weird hotels.The NIRB’s Chicago office  believes the Northwestern athletes are considered to be employees of the university, and should be represented by a union. Football players aren’t the only athletes that spend long hours devoted to their sport. Idi Camara starting forward on the SMU’s men soccer team has to wake up for breakfast  at seven o’clock followed by a two-hours of training. After training Camara has class before he goes to gets treated for injuries or any sore muscles. He then eats dinner and finally goes to a mandatory study hall. “No, it’s not fun! I have no life! But no doubt, it is worth it, soccer is my passion though, i would do to play,” Camara said. On top of all the hard work and long practices collage athletes have they are also required to keep up with there grades. Before recruiting you to play on there team a coach will most likely look at your GPA and test scores. Students that have better grades are usually given more money. Being a college athlete might be hard stress full at times but the love and dedication the players have for their sport is inspirational. The long practices and late night studying is worth it when they get to play the game they love.


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