The First Kids vs. Field High Kids

Photo of The First Family by the Nicki Swift website
Being the son or daughter of a president seems fun and luxurous, right? Being able to live in The White House, and getting all of the extremities that come with it sounds delightful, but how different could it possibly be when it comes to school, compared to that of a student here at Field High?

I asked Lauren Hackley; a Freshman who has been attending school at Field since Kindergarten, and Dominic McCauley; also a Freshman who has been attending school at Field for a little over a year, how they’d explain their normal day at school.

“[A normal day for me includes] fun with my friends, and a normal routine revolving around the several classes that I take,” Lauren states.

“For me, my average day usually consists of me being constantly tired, and not really enjoying myself. [Field] isnt really what I’m used to, considering that I came here from an inner city school,” Dominic mentions.

I then asked them if they’d want one of their parents to be president, considering what they know about the First Family already.

“Yes, and no,” Dominic says, “Yes, because I feel like it would be a new and interesting lifestyle to have the president be my mother or father, but because I have parts of my life that I wouldn’t necessarily want to inform the public about, I’d have to say no also.

The current First Kids; Malia and Sasha Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden’s

image of Sidwell Friends School by The American institute of Architects website
grandchildren attend the exclusive Sidwell Friends School; a school that includes a memorable alumni, including Bill Nye from Disney’s Bill Nye The Science Guy and Jon Bernthal from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Though Malia recently graduated, Sasha still attends the school. Additional alumni of the school include Archibald Roosevelt, Albert Gore III, Tricia and Julie Nixon, and Chelsea Clinton.

When asked if she thought if it would be nice to attend an exclusive school like Sidwell, Lauren says; “It would be nice because you’d have a more one-on-one type of education, and you’d probably be able to be involved in more activities, as well as having more expirenced and knowledgable teachers.”

Dominic mentions that he wouldn’t enjoy going to a school like Sidwell Friends.

“I like the routines that come with going to a public school,” he claims.

Presidential children usually have body guards or a type of security guard following them around and protecting them, much like the President and First Lady have. I went to ask Lauren and Dominic about how they would feel if they had a body guard of their own around them at all times.

“It would make me feel more secure,” Dominic says, “but on the other hand I wouldn’t want someone watching my every move.”

“I would feel protected but kind of violated because I wouldn’t really have any privacy. I wouldn’t be able to talk to my friends privately without someone listening or something,” Lauren mentions.

So, even though living life in the White House sounds like a luxurious dream, I asked Dominic and Lauren on their opinions on wether they would rather go to a public school like Field, or a private school, like Sidwell.

“Public schools would be easier to adjust to for me, and it also includes diversity among the students that attend there,” Dominic states.

“I’d rather go to a public school because of the diversity among it’s students, and do to the consistency of kinder and less strict teachers, along with an unlikeliness of uniforms,” Lauren says.

Overall, both of the people I’ve spoken with agree that though the life in the White House seems nice, they’d rather live an easier life when it comes to school by attending a public school.


Information from The Atlantic, Wikipedia, and Huffington Post websites

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