Artist Spotlight: Danielle Pusker

Today’s artist worthy of recognition is Field sophomore Danielle Pusker!

Working a lot with paints and markers, Danielle had this to say about her chosen medium,

“I like to doodle mostly. I enjoy canvas but don’t do it a lot.”

Danielle’s style ranges from silhouettes, to chibi, and plenty more. Her art is full of smooth line work and marker blending that makes it look seamless and professional. It takes Danielle anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days to finish one of her pieces.

While viewing Danielle’s artwork, Field student Brice Sweazy commented,

“I think these pictures show the emotions used in art. Every piece of work can tell a story and the way these each have different styles, can show the viewer a hidden story.”

When asked how she got into art Danielle replied with,

“I got started in art when I was young and it started as just coloring pictures. Then I grew to like drawing pictures and I’ve just kept up with it and enjoy showing progress and getting better.”

Danielle hopes to get into Kent State but is unsure at the moment what she would major in. Hoping that Danielle keeps up with her stunning pieces of art, she clearly has a promising future ahead of her.

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