How to Tackle the New Years Resolution of Staying Fit & Healthy

o-BOY-facebook.jpgSince 2017 has began, many people have plans to make their lives easier, or resolutions just to change things for the better. The real issue isn’t that they don’t know how to keep up with their goals and get lazy and give up. They don’t even know where to start. Staying fit is more than just eating healthy, it’s about working out and burning those unnecessary calories. The best way is to start off slow and work your way up. A lot of athletes make the choice of going to the weight room off seasons to remain in shape.

I caught up with Coach Miller to find out he works on staying fit.

How do you stay fit?

“I workout 5 days a week and eat healthy.”

What are some healthy things you eat?

“Eggs, chicken, salad, yogurt, and granola bars.”

What are some of your favorite exercises?

“My number one favorite exercise is squats. I think that every single athlete in the school should do squats so they can become a better athlete.”

He even shared some of his own key advice.

“A new year means a new commitment to old goals. Want to be a better volleyball, cross country, soccer, football, baseball, or any other player?  The weight room is where you can achieve those goals.”

In the words of Mr. Miller, “work hard, dream big!”skin-healthy-food-1409877801.jpg

I also had the chance to get some comments from the students and athletes that work out in weight room.

I asked all of them, what advice and tips do you have that helps you stay fit and healthy?

Cheerleader and sprinter, Ayasha Sinkfield said, “stay involved in sports, come to the weight room on a regular basis, eat at least three to five times a day, (make sure to watch your calories) keep a steady schedule, get sleep, and don’t let stress get to you.”

Football player, Davion Wright said, “lift weights, eat lots of vegetables and meats.”

Cross country runner, Nate Bezik said, “I stay active even when I’m not doing sports. I eat some what healthy and I don’t do too much to hurt myself.”

Thrower, Devon Piacella, “there are only two options: make excuses or make improvements.”9767404f08d6353422d7a003950a054f

Ryan Tate is a full time thrower and has picked up a lot on working out. “The best way to stay fit is to stay committed to your goals. Set realistic goals and make sure to follow them closely. Once goals have been set and you know what you want to do, its a good idea to scour the internet for information and motivation on the best ways of achieving your goals. Once you know all this, the fun part is doing what you need to do like exercising, eating healthier, etc. , and seeing the improvements. The next step is to keep track of your improvements. After doing this, staying fit becomes a lot more enjoyable once you see the positive changes. It’s not a bad idea to experiment with new strategies and exercises or even meal plans after you got the hang of it. That’s the best part of fitness, it’s different for everyone and once you find out your preferences, it gets more enjoyable time after time. Staying fit can be a hobby, a lifestyle, or even just something to pass the time, but the best way to get what you want out of it is to earn it. Stay smart about your training, work hard, and see your results.”

Here’s some helpful quotes to inspire you! 🙂

Pictures from: Her Campus, Healthy Today, Pinterest, Staying Healthy, and Quote addicts

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