Korn – The Serenity of Suffering (Album Review) 

The Serenity of Suffering is the twelfth studio album by the infamous nu-metal band Korn.

Korn is known for their low tuned seven-string guitars, the rhythmic bass slaps, and the eerie, but melodic voice of Jonathan Davis and excellently written drum parts. 

This album being the follow-up to The Paradigm Shift was definitely needed to be a very creative album to top the last.

The album begins with the song “Insane” a look inside the mind of Jonathan Davis. 

The track “Insane” was released with a music video and the music video was a very interesting concept. 

The track gave a very intense feeling which anyone that’s followed Korn for the past 5 years is very happy to hear because it’s very refreshing to not have as many “rock” songs. It’s great to know they are going to go back to the experimental sound that got them where they are today.

“Rotting in Vain” is the second track on the album but the first track of the album to be released to the public. 

It was the bands first single on the album and it was also released with an intense music video that featured great cinematography decisions and really conveyed the message.

The album gave a very dark eerie feeling throughout but that wasn’t much of a surprise because that’s been something Korn has done for 20+ years now. 

The production on this album is very clean and definitely shows how forward Korn is compared to other bands of their time. 

In an interview with AOL on the BUILD webshow Jonathan stated, “There were songs I just hated, I wouldn’t sing on them, but one of those songs ended up on the record and became my favorite. That song was ‘Please Come For Me’.”

“Please Come For Me” is easily the heaviest song on the album featuring harsher vocals then a majority of the songs. It is all around a darker song because of the way they manipulated the chords to give a very “off” feeling with the leads.

The vocals on this album are most definitely the most confident sounding Jonathan has sounded on a Korn record in years. 

This is the second album back with both original guitarists and for most Korn fans this is an amazing feeling because the sound everyone fell in love with in the 90’s seems to be making its way back.

“John really stepped his game up with this album! This album seems a lot more heavy than others. My favorite song on the album is ‘Insane’,” says Keith Ziegler when interviewed about his thoughts on The Serenity of Suffering.

All around this album is an absolutely great album and its been called one of the best albums of 2016.

Photos: Spotify Inc. & Korn Website

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