Artist in History

Image from Daily News website

An artist in history is going to be a place for young, aspiring artists can find out more information about a famous artist the they may, or may not know about.

For this edition of an artist in history, we will be learning about filmmaker  and pop art icon; Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh on August 6, 1928. Born both smart and creative, his mother would always encourage his art even at his young age. When he was only eight years old, he contracted Chorea which left him bedridden. While he was sick, his mother gave him his first drawing lessons and soon, drawing became a treasured childhood pastime.

Years later, he graduated from college with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and later moved to New York City to follow his career as a commercial artist. Warhol became very successful as a magazine and ad illustrator, but in the late 1950’s, he decided to focus his artistic abilities on paintings.

Warhol’s paintings focused on commercial goods like the famous Campbell’s soup cans as well as famous celebrities and in 1961, he debuted the artistic concept of “Pop art.” In 1964, he opened “The Factory”, his own art studio in New York City, which became one of New York’s cultural hot spots. As the years went on, he continued to create, write, and film many more inspiring pieces of art that we all know and admire. At the age of fifty eight, Andy Warhol died after surgery from cardiac arrhythmia on February 22,1987.

Not only is Warhol’s work captivating, but everlasting. His work will definitely continue to inspire more young artists and the world of art through generations and generations to come.

When Marissa Burdeno, lover of art and student at Field High School, was asked if Andy Warhol’s work inspired her in her own art she replied,”His artwork inspires me to be open with my color scheme and to try new art techniques.”

Information from Biography and The Art Story websites

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