Pay Gap between Male and Female Athletes

“Why are female athletes paid so much less than male athletes?” Women compete in multiple professional sports around the world and it seems as if in every sport, the male athletes get paid more. Why is this?

“The pay gap between men and women can be explained by much more than just the celery that the association pays them annually. Several factors to take into consideration are sponsors, endorsements, exposure, media, and the support they receive from their fans.(”

According to Forbes’ 2015 100 Highest Paid Athletes List, 98 of them are males. The two females are tennis players Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. Endorsements are the reason for these athletes wealth. Endorsers pay athletes to use and show off their product/brand.This helps make the product more popular which brings in money to the company. The endorser and the athlete are both benefiting.

Women also get endorsement deals but not nearly as much as the male athletes. When women athletes started to get endorsed more, the name brand would become even more popular. Women’s products grow in the business the more they are endorsed and this has lead to women receiving more endorsement deals.

According to Shane Ferro, Journalist of Business Insider, the pay gap is justified. He says females make less because they do no receive as much sponsorship and support from fans. Ferro claims fans and sponsors are to blame for the pay gap.

The pay gap between male and female athletes simply relies on the support from fans and the endorsement deals they are given.



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