Psychological Disorders Project


Mrs. Dahl, as you may know, gives lots of projects. Her personal favorite, and most known,  is the history museum project. The main idea of this project is to create a museum and fill it with important events of World War One. This year she has two honors history classes and is expecting great projects this year.

Recently, she had assigned her psychology class to make an information pamphlet about a psychological disorder of their choice. “The pamphlet is something similar to the kind you’d see at a doctor’s office,” Mrs. Dahl stated when asked about the project.

Looking at the inside, it must contain symptoms, information and possible treatment for the disorder. The front cover has to have an eye catching photo and the name of the disorder.

Many students had already turned in some fantastic booklets, one of which is Camryn Sloan.

Her chosen disorder was Huntington’s Disease. which affects the part of the brain called the Basal Ganglia. This controls your muscle movement, and will also affect you behavior and mental abilities.

She claimed when interviewed, “It was an easy project and was educational. You get to learn something completely different.”

Overall, this project was a complete success and the future projects are expected to have the same results.


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