Ski Club

If you haven’t heard, Field High School has a ski/snowboarding club! They meet on Fridays after school. They will leave at 4:00 and get back to the school around 10:00. This year, they are trying something new. Instead of going to Boston Mills, where they have gone for the past couple years, they are going to Brandywine, because the students seemed to enjoy that more when they have visited.

Currently, the ski club has 26 members. If you are interested in joining, contact Mrs. Hufford by emailing her or stop by her room, F5. This is the perfect way for someone to learn how to ski or snowboard, because the club pass they get includes lessons and is much cheaper than going to Boston Mills and paying for 5 one day passes.

“I have really enjoyed being the advisor for the ski club for the past three years.” stated Mrs. Hufford. “I get to know students that I haven’t gotten the chance to have in class yet.”

Mrs. Hufford, as stated above, has been the advisor for the ski club for the past three years now. She really enjoys skiing. Her and her husband have been skiing together for the past 8 years. They plan on going skiing in the Swiss Alps in Switzerland and France over spring break. Sounds like a great way to spend spring break!

When asked to describe her first ever experience skiing, freshman Sydney Schrader, said, “It was hard…and a little scary. But, even after I fell and crashed, I just had to try again. When I finally made it down the hill, I felt so happy and excited!”

Once again, if you are interested in joining ski/snowboard club, contact Mrs. Hufford:


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