Study Tips 

Exams are this week and we are all trying to get a good grade. If your stuck and don’t really know all the different ways to help you do your best on your test. My friends and I put a list together to help you achieve your goals this school year. 

  1. Taylor Falat uses flash cards. She said “if you keep looking at them over and over you’ll memorize it more”
  2. Another good way to help you study is to set goals. Make sure you set relaistic goals you don’t want to be overwhelmed. So one day you can just study for History and English. Then the next you can do something else. Instead of cramming everything together in one night, just spread the days out.
  3. Take study breaks. No one can have there brain work that long for that hard. Just take a walk, go to then gym, or even just have a snack. Give your eyes and brain a rest.
  4. Make a study group or even just have a study partner. Some things are just better with your friends. You guys can quiz and motivate each other. It won’t even feel like studying because your with your friends. 

Everyone learns differently. Just do what works for you. Good luck on your exams try not stress your self out.

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