A Blank Canvas

There have been some changes throughout our school, that have created a more imaginative learning space and area where students’ art talents can shine through. Over the past year, Mr. Kline, the art teacher, has been working hard to spread the joy of art across our school. You have seen the beautiful ceiling tiles that have taken over the hallways, each with their own special twist. Mr. Kline has taken it as his mission to allow his students to make the school their blank canvas, full of potential.

I was able to interview the artist behind the movement. When he was asked why he incorporated all these elements into a plain old building he said,

“This was some thing I had done at the falcon academy, I always loved walking into that building because of all the color, and just the visual nature of the building itself. So I wanted to make this place into somewhere people wanted to walk into everyday. The red lockers and white walls just were not cutting it.”

The most important aspect of being an art teacher, is the involvement with the student body, Kline states, “The reason I got into teaching was so that I could have a positive impact on their lives, they need to know that someone does care.”

One of his students, Nia Wolfe, feels great joy when she sees all of the artwork on display,

“I think the tiles not only brighten up the halls, but also show off the talented students at Field High School.”

Mr. Kline plans to keep going, his next project is to involve the students with mural painting inside of the building. Hopefully they will all add their own twists onto the ongoing process, and change this school from a blank canvas to a pallet filled with creativity and pops of color.

A student-oriented project, showcasing individuality and spirit. Photo taken by Abby Mortimer.

Featured image from deviant art website

Interviewed: Nia Wolfe and Scott Kline


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