Field League Win!

On Saturday January 7th, the girls varsity played the Ravenna Ravens at home at one o’clock. The falcons came out strong in the first quarter and ended up winning the first quarter. The Ravens started to pick things up in the second quarter, but the falcons did not give it to them easily. After the two battling quarters it was half time in the falcon gym. The Falcons were up  21-10 with the momentum in their hands going into the locker room.

Junior captain Katie Darling said “going into the game I felt very pressured. Like if I messed up I’d lose the game for the whole team.”

After the great effort half, the girls were ready to get to business and finish the game off. The Ravens ended up scoring the first couple points in the third quarter. But the falcons came straight back with some more buckets. The falcons ended up winning the game 43-33.

Junior Emma Parsons states “it was a good win for us and we needed it. I wish we would all play like that every single game, if we did that we would be unstoppable.”

With winning this game, this puts the Falcons in the middle of the league with their recorded being 3-4. The falcons only have a couple more games!

Picture taken by Amy Piacella.


Make sure you make it out!!



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