How to Relax During and After Exams

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Picture found on the Compass website

Exams are a third of the way done now, and people are still studying to get that perfect score. A study found on shows that 96% of the 1300 students who took the survey felt anxious about exams. With this being said, there has to be at least a few different ways to relax during exams.

Some people can get test anxiety, while others can breeze through any test without any problems. Regardless of how nervous you are, everyone needs to do a good job on these exams. It just comes down to a few specific points of preparedness, effort, and being focused. And we’re here to help you cope with test stress.

When asked about how to relax during an exam, Abby Mortimer stated, “I always try to stay caught up with my notes and studying, so I don’t have to cram everything into one night, this keeps me relaxed and balanced.”

Taking notes will most likely be your best way to stay ahead of the game. Being prepared with the material on the test gives you little to worry about when the time comes.

Don’t forget to give your best effort on the exams. They do count for a good portion of your semester grade, so even if you forget to study or something goes wrong, try your hardest to get the best grade possible! You can do it!!

Make sure you keep focused too! If your mind starts to wander you may lose track of where you are. Once you find a good train of thought, stick with it!

After you took the exam, there’s still stress lingering. Whether it be finding out the grade or just another test. But relaxing after taking a test is always a good idea. Abby’s one piece of advice regarding post-exam relaxing is, “Catch up on your sleep.”

Don’t forget these tips while taking your exams and you’ll be just fine. And try your hardest on them! We wish you all good luck!

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