What Music Means To Others 

   Music is a big category at Field High School. Weather it’s our band, in our musicals, or just kids listening to it through their headphones. I interviewed kids at Field High where I got some inside on what music means to them. 

   The average American kid listens to about four hours of music everyday. In the car, while doing homework, and even before bed. 

   I asked students Kyleigh Moore and Morgan Troup and questions starting with asking what music means to them. 

Junior Kyleigh Moore responded with 

“Music means a lot to me because it’s always what I go to to get things off my mind.” 

   Many kids say that music talks to them in ways that it helps them think or totally get certain things happening in their life at that time off their mind. 

   I asked Sophomore Morgan Troup and her fellow band members what music meant to them with her response being 

“Music is a way of life.”

   Her classmate Brice Sweazy added that when you’re a band member “music is the only way to live.” 

   After researching and coming to the conclusion that the average kid listens to four hours of music a day I was curious about how much a band student listens to music in a matter of twenty-four hours. Morgan stated that she listens to about five hours a day saying 

“Wow, including band I listens to about five hours of music a day.” 

   I asked the two students why they choose to listen to music and I received two different answers. Kyleigh said 

“I listen to music because it calms me down and helps me relax. I lay in bed with the lights off and just think to myself while it’s playing.” 

   I asked Morgan the same question not getting quite the same answer. Morgan answered with 

“It gives me inspiration to write and it helps me write my books it gives me ideas for the plot.” 

   I’ve come to realize music has different meanings to everyone and has different ways of helping. Weather music calms you down or comes to you as an inspiration music has a way to talking to people in different ways. 

Photo taken from: Dreamstime.com

Information from: Kyleigh Moore, Morgan Troup, Bryce sweazy 

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