Good Night for the Lady Falcons!

The Field Lady had a home game yesterday against the Coventry Comets. The girls lost to the comets the first time they played them and they should have won. The girls were coming to play and get revenge. The falcons came out strong and so did the comets, the score at the end of the first quarter was tied 10-10.

In the second quarter the falcons started to pull away from them, with making extra passes to people and putting in free throws. The comets were not doing much besides their little point guard, number five. Brooklyn Ross was guarding her tight on defense and even then she was still hitting all of her shots. At half time the score was 29-16, this is the same score that the falcons had at Coventry. The girls knew that they had to come out in the third quarter and play as if the score was 0-0.

The girls did as so and came out strong, the girls had some really bad passes that got deflected and had a lot of turn overs. Happy that the third quarter was over, the falcons still had the lead going into the fourth. The girls needed to come out stronger than they did before to pull out this win.

The comets not giving up came back with a couple of buckets. The falcons ended up fouling some but made up for it in the end. The girls had a big enough lead in the fourth quarter that some of the JV players got to play. The falcons ended up beating the Comets by almost twenty points, putting them 4-4 standing in the league. The lady falcons have their last home game and senior night next Wednesday at 6:00p.m. Hope to see everyone there!img_1294

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