The Super Bowl

There have been fifty Super Bowl games since 1970 when the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the first championship game. This game was called the AFL-NFL championship, and would not be called the Super Bowl until a year later. The owner of the AFL, Lamar Hunt came up with the expression Super Bowl.He described how one of his daughters toys was called the Super ball ,and that he changed the name a little to come up with the Super Bowl. The contest came from the NFL and their rival the AFL. The AFL had teams in Houston, Buffalo, and Kansas City. The AFL took away a lot of skilled players from the NFL. In 1966 the AFL and the NFL pronounced that they would join together, this decision was not finalized until 1970. Since then “American football is the most popular sport in America.” according to the Top 10 Most Popular Sports In America on Sporteology’s website.

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Queerty’s website

Besides the game its self many people look forward to the half time show. Many american idols have performed the halftime show such as Madonna, The Rolling Stones, and Michael Jackson. The first half time show was done by The University of Arizona and Grambling State marching bands. This years half time show will be performed by Lady Gaga. Gaga has been dreaming about this for years now . “For me, it’s all about giving to the fans and bringing people together that wouldn’t normally come together,” Lady Gaga said. Her performance is expected to be amazing in this years Super Bowl, where the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons for the championship tittle. The game will be played February 5th at  the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas.

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