Is The Death Cure Movie Still Going to Happen?

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I think a lot of fans are asking themselves this hard question, “What’s going on with the prequel to the maze runner trilogy?” There’s said to be a delay in the filming of “The Death Cure”after Dylan O’Brian took a hit on set back in March. The accident occurred on the 18th, when the motorcycle he was riding for a scene tipped over and slid across the ground instantly knocking him out. Soon after, another vehicle in the scene ran him over! Dylan was rushed to a hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, where they treated him for several broken bones in the face and as well as other uspecified areas of his body, lacerations, and a concussion. Since then the third and final movie in the maze runner series, “The Death Cure” has been pushed back.Image result for the death cure movie They’re not clear on the release date yet but production is supposed to pick back up on May 9th. So O’Brian can continue to recover from his many injuries. Since he’s working on another film titled Image result for american assassin movie“The American Assassin” in the mist of things, plus finishing up the sixth and final season of Mtv’s “Teen Wolf,” Dylan surely has his hands full. Filming for the movie has definitely been pushed back, meaning that they won’t be able to hit the original release date of February 17, 2017. It must be hard for the careers’ and futures of the cast mates and crew too. Image result for teen wolf season 6

The new release date has set to be on January 12, 2018. Altogether the production seems to be in limbo despite O’brian’s set backs. We’ll see what happens with the film, but Dylan still needs time to heal and recover from his terrible accident.

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Images from: Imdb, new movies 2107, cartermatt, Pinterest, scottlog websites.

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