Movie Review: Split

Image from Victor Valley News

Split is a thriller about a man named Kevin with twenty-three personalities, and a secret twenty-fourth, each with their own name. His ¨good” personality, usually takes charge; However,  an unemotional man named Dennis, has taken control. He is using a child personality, Hedwig, to keep everyone else in the dark. Dennis kidnaps three teen girls, each with their own backstory, and it is unsure why to the audience until the end. Meanwhile, a therapist is attempting to straighten everything out between the personalities without stepping on any toes, and is unaware of the event proceeding in Kevin´s home.

Overall, the movie had an interesting premise, but the ending disappointed me, it was not as good as I thought it would be. I give the idea of the movie five stars, but the delivery and ending a strong three. Not being a fan of thrillers or horror, I proceeded to ask those around me what they thought of the movie.

Image from Ranker

¨I thought James McAvoy did a really good job depicting all of the personalities,” Gia Boyd stated, and I agreed with the statement. Giving the film four stars, she finished with ¨I thought the ending could have been more clarified.”

Laura Hayes said that she does not like horror movies, but enjoys thrillers said, “I thought it was a good movie but I thought it was kind of much by the end,” Laura stated, and gave the movie a four star review as well.

The beginning of the movie was excellent, and I think it would be worth seeing for that reason. However, many agreed that the end was lacking.

Feature Image from Split Movie website

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