Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

Marilyn Manson being known for his controversial acts against society’s normal behavior opened a door for him to be on headlines for decades in his prime.

This album is no exception.

The Pale Emperor is an album written about a darker stage of life, the album starts with a nice punchy song that’s very reminiscent of his old work, Deep Six.

Deep Six was the first single to be released off of the album with a music video.

This video like many others of his, is very dark and has a very eerie concept that many are still trying to determine the meaning of.

The album includes 3 acoustically rewritten versions of songs previous on the album.

The song Third Day of a Seven Day Binge gives an insider look of addiction and how it affects lives.

All around the album is a huge step up from the last few releases.

We asked Grace Anderson about her feelings towards Marilyn Manson and she said, “He’s a great guy and I think he’s gotten a bad rap for his acts in the past.”

If you haven’t yet heard the album, it’s available on Spotify, Apple Music and all other online music distribution sites.

PIC: Spotify Music

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