Monthly TBT: January 2017

With 2017 just beginning, we’re able to look back on 2016 as a whole and reflect on the previous year that we were lucky enough to survive. For this monthly throwback, we’ll be taking a look back at some of the top trending moments, and styles of 2016.

1. FHS Homecoming

This past year, Homecoming was a blast, being the first for many, and the last for others. With a glow-in-the-dark theme, the gymnasium was glowing with bright neon colors and blacklights all night long.

“It was fun, but it wasn’t my thing,” Freshman Cassi Blaes says, looking back on the dance.


Image result for donald trump
image from Slate website
2. The Presidential Election

This past year was huge one for politics. Our country recently made the decision of electing Republican, Donald J. Trump over Democrat, Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. The thought of Mr. Trump being president has been very controversial, and many are still protesting in D.C. against his recent choices on firing the second most powerful lawyer in the nation, along with taking action to create a travel ban for 7 eastern countries. Many still support Trump and his decisions, though, saying that this is “what they voted for.”

3. Celebrity Deaths

Image result for carrie fisher
image from ChicagoNow website
2016 was also a major year when it came to playing a part in celebrity deaths. Many beloved stars have died in 2016, including Willy Wonka star, Gene Wilder, and Carrie Fisher of the Star Wars franchise. Wildly enough after Fisher’s death, her mother, Debbie Reynolds died the following day. Other celebrity deaths from this past year include Prince, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Christina Grimmie, Elie Wiesel, Kenny Baker, and many more.

4.  Holographic Makeup

Image result for holographic makeup kat von d
image from The Happy Sloths website
In 2016, a ton of fashion trends blew up all over social media, including holographic makeup. The trend began with holographic manicures, and eventually migrated to lip gloss and eye shadows. Makeup expert Kat Von D even released a palette with 4 shades, which she decided to name the “Alchemist Holographic Palette”. The palette is now available at Sephora, and is selling quickly. Its retail price is currently $32.


5. Vintage Band Tees

Image result for vintage band tees tumblr
image from Pinterest website

Lastly, another big trend from the past year would have to be vintage band tees. The most common shirts include The Rolling Stones, Guns & Roses, Nirvana, and The Beatles.

Info from CNN website, ChicagoNow website, Sephora website.

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