Artist Spotlight: Gillian Dean

Today’s artist worthy of recognition is Field Junior Gillian Dean!

Having started around the age of four, Gillian was inspired by her older sister who was very into art. She now draws for herself and has her own unique voice in the world of art.

Gillian’s biggest achievement in art is watching herself improve over time as she grew better at human proportions and anatomy.

Gillian’s style of art is a cartoon and anime mix, each piece taking anywhere from 10 minutes to sketch it out to 45 minutes when adding ink and color. Her favorite medium being more traditional with just the usual paper, pens, and permanent but has done digital art as well.

Gillian’s art is full of very smooth and welcoming line work that invites the viewer to take a closer peak at all the fine details. Looking very professional, Gillian has mastered inking to a point were it looks seamless and impeccable.

Brice Sweazy, a sophomore at Field had this to say about Gillian’s projects, “The art style is phenomenal, it’s seems like you could view these right out of a video game or cartoon! These gorgeous pieces of art are inspiring and very well made. Great job mate!”

When asked about her possible future career in art, Gillian responded with, “I’m not quite sure, but I’m considering something in animation.”

Whether or not Gillian decides to go into her preferred career choice, the obvious artistic skills she has is clear a indication of her promising future!

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