Musical Spotlight

As our first ever musical spotlight, Senior Ryan Evans has been involved with music since his early days at elementary school, and not just on the recorder! Although, the recorder may have had an effect on his instrumental decisions, because he has been playing a very similar instrument, the clarinet, for seven years. As soon as he joined band in 5th grade, he fell in love with the art of it.

Ryan at Kent State high school bands day. Photo by unknown.


His talent has definitely taken off from playing hot cross buns, to playing a nine page composition with the Kent State honors band. But that’s not all he has done. Ryan has also participated in the marching, pep, symphonic and jazz bands at Field. He has also had the opportunity to participate in the OMEA solo and ensemble contest that takes place every year.

But, sometimes Ryan does set down his instrument, and take up a larger role within the band. You may have seen him during football season, up high on a silver platform, conducting the marching band. As field commander,  it’s his job to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“Teamwork, trust, and commitment are the three most vital aspects of being in a program like this,” Ryan said, after a breath, he continued, “but, you also get to enjoy the success of all of your hard work. There’s nothing like growing together as a band family, and spending time with your section.”

After graduation, Ryan plans on attending Kent State University and majoring in athletic training. He plans to continue with his musical career by playing with the Marching Golden Flashes on campus. Good luck to you Ryan!

Ryan after a performance, photo by unknown.

Featured image from unknown photographer at Kent State high school bands day.

Information from Ryan Evans


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