Vision of The Stars Chapter 10

Image from the Imgur website.

Genos plunged the sword into the ground but, as if in slow motion, Cole lunged into the man, causing him to miss Carina by mere inches. With the small window of opportunity that Cole gave her, she kicked Genos with all she had.

He landed not far from where Cole stationed himself. Genos turned and grabbed the boy’s ankle and pulled him to the ground. Getting up himself, he noticed the star-scar on his neck.

“Not only have you allied yourself with a crook, but you yourself are a thief? Pitiful scum. I hope you both die and go to hell for your crimes against our worthy king and his domain!” Genos shouted had begun to shake Cole.

“You talk too much.” Carina spat as she charged at him. In surprise, Genos dropped Cole, but dodged Carina’s attempt of attack. He went to pull out his sword, but too slowly he realized Cole had taken it before he fell.

Suddenly, Genos could feel the blade’s point against his back, and in front of him was Carina with a sword of her own, and the other men in his group against the wood’s floor. “Genos, this kingdom is suffering and I’m the only one trying to repair it’s faults.”

“Wrong!” Genos spat. “You are the scum of this kingdom. You’d make this world a better place if you just died!” Without flinching, Carina edged closer, holding the blade close to the man’s neck.

She smiled, and nonchalantly, and monotone spoke. “I see the many ways our kingdom could go through the visions of the future. These star shaped scars assist me in doing so. By driving away those nobles, I saved this place from obsolete chaos. What have you done?”

Genos said nothing as both Cole and Carina pushed him to the ground. “Now, if you excuse me ‘Peasant,'” mimicking his voice she continued, “my kingdom needs my assistance.”

With that, she marched back towards the town again, leaving Cole and Genos behind her, not bothering to see if Cole was following. He most likely was, looking for another adventure she could send him on. But, would Genos strike back while their back was turned?


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