Senior Spotlight: Dominic DeLorenzo Baggetta 

Field high school senior, Dominic Baggetta, known as DB. Dominic has played football for a total of nine years. Playing varsity for 3 years Dominic is the running back and outside linebacker for Field High schools football team. DB played baseball for twelve years and decided to end his baseball career last year. Dominic has been working at Little Ceasers for over three years. At the beginning of the summer DB was promoted to manager of the Stow Little Ceasers (He also claims that is the best Little Ceasers). Dominic plans to go to college for mechanical engineering and is undecided on where he will attend in the fall. During the football season Dominic is a very busy high schooler. Between football, his job and school, DB still finds time for what he loves, Harry Potter. Dominic is a huge Harry Potter fan. In fact, he attended a Harry Potter larping event over the summer. He said it was very exciting and he plans to attend the one in this upcoming summer with his whole family. Dominic comes from a blended family of 8 children. Antony is 10, Rocco is 7, Braydon 8, Frankie 14, Cody 16, Ashley 21, Kayla 19. From being a part of such a big family Dominic has learned to not be like his dad. When asked where he looks to for inspiration, DB responded:

“I look to God for all my inspiration.”

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