Slowly but surely, Field High School has become more decorated over the past couple of weeks. Mr. Kline has released his students’ talents into all different corners of the school, most notably, the presence of art in teachers’ classrooms. Most of the murals carry a theme that apply very closely to the room and subject in which they inhabit.

The mural in Mrs. Sanzone’s room, photo taken by Abby Mortimer

Take for example Ms. Titko’s room. Sophomore Amanda Stayer has been working for a while now on a mandala design on the classroom’s back wall. Amanda incorporated other elements from mathematics into her design, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division signs. Stayer’s talent has worked spot on with her design, as she is best known for her complex patterns and mandala work.

Amanda, like other students, has thoroughly enjoyed the process of bringing more creative outlets of energy to Field. Although, she occasionally gets flustered at the questions she gets asked about her art.

“You don’t know how many people have asked me if it was a clock,” she said in regard to her complex piecework, “it’s most decidedly not a clock.”

So look around the school and see what special art projects you can find, whether they be big or small, dark or colorful, public or secret, they all showcase the talents of the student body!

Featured image taken by Amanda Stayer, information from Amanda Stayer.

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