Chapter 11 Vision of The Stars Finale

Image from the Ottawa Family Living website

As Carina and Cole walked further and further away from the forest, the darker everything became. Soon, everything was enveloped in the array of shadows that surrounded the area.  A voice pierced through, reaching the ears of the woman, lying on a bed in a warehouse. “Honey, are you okay?” it asked.

A sudden flood of sadness swept across her dream like expression. She cried out the the man, sorrowfully, “Why would you wake me up? I wanted to see more of her! I don’t want to die knowing she could very well meet us in death earlier than we expect.” The woman grew to tears. She tried to mutter several words, but they were inaudible.

Then he sat down on the bed and consoled her gently. “You’ve just seen a major part in her life, and now you know at least up until that point she will be safe. Maybe she’ll get in control of her powers, and be just like her mother; strong, independent, beautiful, and caring.”

Through her face was still wet with tears, a small grin appeared. The man continued, “She’ll be fine. Will can look after her, and everything will be okay.”

“You’re right.” The woman wiped her face the rubbed her tummy, large and with-child. “Carina. You have no idea what greatness will come of you. I hope one day you can see this moment, with you’re vision, and know how much we love you.”

Will then entered the room. He spoke in a saddened tone, “Mr. and Mrs. Stars? Afraid the time for the future to be the present.” He pointed toward the large doors in the front of the building, which were being ripped to pieces by guards of the kingdom.

A very familiar voice echoed in the warehouse, Genos. “We know you’re in there! The King wants the vision of the Stars!”


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