French Spectacle!

Have you heard? The French teacher, Madame Stratton, and some of her students are planning for the French Spectacle, which is French for Spectacular. This year, it will be a play, written by the one and only, Mrs. Stratton.

Image from HuffPost
The play is about Prince Charming (Raoul from Phantom of the Opera), who is having a royal ball. One of his guests is Sleeping Beauty, who is narcoleptic. Both Raoul and the Phantom (Erik) fall in love with her, but Raoul is the one who tries to kiss her. Unfortunately, a mysterious drink appears out of nowhere and Sleeping Beauty takes a sip. She falls asleep before the kiss can happen. The Royal Musketeers declare her dead and the play turns into a murder-mystery.

While, most of the characters speak in french, there will be an English-speaking narrator to help the audience follow along with the story. It is also filled with French literary/film characters, whom you might even recognize. If you or your parent likes Monte Python and the Holy Grail, they should definitely come see what the French club has to put on! Madame has written this to be a comedy, lasting only half an hour.

“This is a silly play intended to entertain people of all ages. If you don’t understand French, don’t worry! The play is written to help everyone understand what is going on. Each character has an odd characteristic…Sleeping Beauty is narcoleptic, the Phantom of the Opera is suffering from vertigo, Cinderella is OCD…we even have a village idiot who is obsessed with eyeballs. The performance date will be announced soon. Come and watch the fun!” said Madame Stratton!

It’s a big cast, and she still needs a couple of spots filled, so if you are a French student and are interested, please contact her asap!

Narrator: Abby Mortimer 

La Belle au bois dormant (Caresse/Sleeping Beauty): Morgan Troup

Le Prince Charmant (Raoul): Valentine Spangler

Le Fantome de l’Opera (Erik): Sydney Parker

Le Persan (Daroga): Mackenzie Shanafelt

Christine: Madilynn Freudeman

Carlotta: Miranda Evans

Jean le Bete (Jean): Abby Mighton

Cendrillon: Gillian Dead-McDaniel

Belle: Kayla McLeod

Les Mousquetaires:

        -Athos: Sara Federio-Albania

        -Porthos: Elise Henry

Le Francais Fache (Jacques): Nate Bezik

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