Jazz Band

Photo taken by Ms. Soulsby

This past Tuesday, the first gathering of the middle school’s jazz band took place, and was one of the largest groups they’ve ever seen.

“Oh my goodness, we’ve never had that many people in the jazz band before. I really hope a lot of them stay in the band program,” stated Morgan Troup.

Ms. Soulsby, the instructor of the group, stated that, “this is definitely the largest group of kids in the jazz band to date.”

Middle school students accompanied by volunteer high school students play an assortment of different jazz pieces and modern pieces. They play some classic jazz pieces such as 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago, and Spies R’ Us; an arrangement of different spy themes and musical pieces from spy themed movies.

“We’re planning on getting different music, and we’ll be rocking out on them,” says Morgan.

Every year the group goes around to Brimfield and Suffield elementary schools and show off all of the hard work put in by the students. Some band members do demonstrations of their instruments so the students get to hear what they sound like individually. And to persuade the fifth graders to join band when they’re in middle school. Everyone has a great time and the elementary school students really enjoy hearing the music.


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