Drama club auditions 

Drama club is back and in full swing! Announcements have been made, and a musical has been selected. The next and most important part is the audition process. Auditions will take place Thursday from 4:30 to 7:30, plan to stay the entire time. This year, tryouts will take place in the choir room in front of the directors and all of your fellow members. In order to audition, you must have two songs from the musical prepared, and the choreography for “A Friennd Like Me” memorized. The video of choreography can be found on the drama club website, along with more information.

Lots of students’ talents will be showcased during this process. While it can be a little nerve-wracking, most of the members enjoy going through auditions.

Sophomore Morgan Troup is hoping for another chance in the spotlight, and is more than happy to show off her can-do attitude and optimistic outlook on the theatre program.

“I’m eager to see where everyone will fit in, there’s a lot of very talented people trying out. I’m excited for how much this could help our drama club!”

The cast list should be posted either on the weekend, or the following Monday. The list will be able to be found on the drama website or on the choir room door.

The script for the musical. Photo taken by Abby Mortimer.

Information from Abby Mortimer, Morgan Troup, and Kristen Luchka.

Featured image taken by Abby Mortimer

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