Football legend with an amazing haircut 

Born November 5th, 1992 Odell Beckham Jr. grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. His dad is a former LSU running back, and his mom a former sprinter, Odell grew up in a very athletic home. Attending Isidor Newman high school Odell succeeded in both football and basketball. When going to college he followed in his dads footsteps and decided to attend LSU. In college he played football and was a big hit, during his junior year he was awarded the Paul Hornung Award as college football’s most versatile player. He was drafted in 2014 first round, 12th pick. He was drafted by the New York Giants and still plays for them today. During his rookie year he played in 12 games, caught 91 passes, had 1,305 yards, and 12 touchdowns. ” I’m not very good with just being mediocre or ok. My goals are set pretty high, no matter what.” Odell stated. He still manages to amaze people today with his amazing talent. Odell is not only known for his talent on the field, he is well known for his stunning hairstyle. His hair is longer and curly on top and has a fade on the sides, he also dyed his longer hair blonde.

He has been called one of the most stylish men alive. Along with his stylish hair Odell has many tattoos. “In high school I used to draw on my arms with a sharpie. I knew I was gonna have a lot of tattoos. I’m not exactly classified as an artist, so many drawings could only go so far as far as I could take’em. Now my tats are all a story: there’s not one I can remember where I got a tat just to get a tat. It’s all a part of me. I don’t think I’m finished yet.” Odell said. No doubt about it Odell is amazing on and off the field. 
Information from: Odellbeckhamjr13 website, gq’s website, and mmqb’s website 

Pictures from: Heavy’s website and New York Time’s website 

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