Artist Spotlight: Sarah Kuntzman

Today’s artist in the spotlight is Field Sophomore Sarah Kuntzman!

Sarah’s art is full of human anatomy, thick line work and shading that give the pieces a lot of depth. Her style shows off her skills and knowledge of the human body along with a lot of minor details that help cultivate her own uniqueness in her art.

When asked about what inspired her to draw such inspiring pieces of work Sarah replied with, “Most of my ideas just come from scrolling through Tumblr and finding an artsy photo. My art kinda says something about my Tumblr.”

Her work taking anywhere from a half an hour to a couple of days, Sarah’s favorite tools to work with as she states is, “…just a simple pencil but if I had to choose something with color it would be acrylic paint.”

When viewing Sarah’s art, sophomore Morgan Troup had this to say, “It’s a very unique style that comes across as very charming! The blend between the realism and anime features really gives the art its own personality.”

Planning to combine her two passions into a career, Sarah plans to become an architect as she loves math as much as her art. With a clear and bright future ahead of her, Sarah has a lot of goals to work towards.

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