Band Contest

Image from the official OMEA website

Every year, our High School Band performs in a large group contest run by the OMEA (The Ohio Music Education Association).

This year the contest is being held at Barberton High School on Saturday March 11th. Following a “Pre-Contest Concert” on March 9th.

At each OMEA contest, each band plays a select number of pieces. Some are chosen by the band director, while others are given by the program to the band to be played. There is also a site reading portion, where each band is given a song that they have never seen. They have ten minutes to read it and try to play it to the best of their abilities. According the official OMEA website, each song is rated in a number system, one to five, one being outstanding and five being the worst. Every year, Field scores a 1 or 2 in most categories.

As of now, the line-up for Field’s music is: “Blue Ridge Saga”, “Stone Gardens”, “Alamo”, and “Flying Colors”, two of which are marches. “I really like the song choices we have this year,” explains Morgan Troup. “We’ve gotten to the stage of nit-picking, which is great because that means we will be ready to kick some butt.”

We hope that our band will do very well and score ones. Go and represent the name of FHS!!!

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