Sophomore Spotlight: Sydney Kubitza 

This weeks Sophomore Spotlight is Field High Schools very own Sydney Kubitza. This sophomore is one that will go far after her high school years. 

Sydney is a player on the Softball team where she played catcher for 8 years but is trying to play an infield position and is unsure of her placing this year. She is also a part of the volleyball team as a setter and right side hitter. 

Her highlight moment from high school softball so far is hitting a homerun her freshman year. It was the bottom of the 7th inning with 2 outs losing 5-4 against Streetboro with 2 runners on base. Sydney hit a homerun over the fence on the first pitch winning the game for her team 7-5. 

Sydney has been a 4.0 student since 1st grade and is a part of multiple clubs. She is involved in FCA, HPAC, Autism Society, French club and Student council and she plans on being in them for the rest of high school. 

Sydney would like to give a shout out to her brother Rusty Shaffer who she calls her best friend for always being there for her! 

Picture: s_kubitza 

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