What’s With the Weather?

Image from lovethispic website

    The weather has been fluctuating like crazy lately, and many are wondering as to why. One day, the weather is cold and snowy as expected in February, and the next day, the snow is gone. The temperature increases by a good thirty degrees, worrying those who want to reverse climate change the most. 
    Though the weather is enjoyable; especially when it’s sixty degrees out, it is threatening to many of the things in which we depend. Everyone has heard about the melting of ice in the arctic and unusual water dispersion,  but it also makes it difficult for farmers to plan  when it’s time to take care of and harvest certain crops. Some crops are unable to grow with the constant weather change and extreme summer heat, causing shortages from many farms on several items. This also causes the price for those goods to increase. Aside from the effects of this weather, why is it like this in the first place?

    The weather is becoming more intense due to a small change in temperature patterns. This small change has spiraled into more extreme weather, causing clouds to be more absorbant, again leading to heavier rainfall in some areas, and droughting in others. Many people believe that climate change isn’t the only cause of this wacky weather, and others choose to speculate about the causes of recent patterns in the weather.

    This has been one of the warmest winters on record, and many are hoping for a colder winter next year.
Information from the weather and amp websites

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