March 3 Movies

In March of this year, the movies being released are heavily advertised, promising entertainment. March 3, the beginning of the month, promises a large amount of releases, the following being the most popular.

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Based upon the best-selling novel, The Shack is a drama about a man who receives an invitation to meet with God at a remote location known as “the shack.” Starring Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, and Tim McGraw, this two hour and twelve minute movie is released on March 3.

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Logan is also to be released March 3, Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, is forced out of hiding on a search for a young mutant similar to himself. This X-Men addition stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, and Dafne Keen.


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Before I Fall is a movie, basis similar to Groundhog Day, as the main character is stuck in the same day repetitively. Sam, played by  Zoey Deutch, is stuck in the day of her death, repeating itself over the span of a week. This movie stars Zoey Deutch, Liv Hewson, and Logan Miller in an hour and thirty-nine minute drama.


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After returning to her home where the remainder of her family were brutally killed, a woman who lost her memory begins seeing odd things. Dermot Mulroney, Abbie Cornish, and Justin Long appear on March 3 in this thriller.



With all of these movies, March 3, 2017 is going to be a day for the theater.

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