Artist Spotlight: Gabriella Wyslutsky

Today’s artist worth recognizing is Field sophomore Gabriella Wyslutsky!

Gabby has a fine talent in crocheting beautiful works of art like small stuffed animals, scarves and even blankets! Her art takes any were from a couple of hours (per say for like a small stuffed animal) to months, (for blankets and other larger pieces). Gabby has clear patience and skill when it comes to her crocheting. Each crochet item has many exquisite details and challenging knots that are clear indication of a pro at hand.

When asked about her talent Gabby mentioned that, “Most people would think crocheting is for old people, but I don’t really care what people say about me because its fun, it’s a stress reliever. ”

Being a very outgoing and artistic person, Gabby likes to go against the grain. When viewing Gabby’s work, sophomore Abby Mortimer mentioned, “True  to Gabby’s personality, her crocheting isn’t what most people would expect. It looks like I could go to a store and find Gabby’s crocheting there. It’s very interesting to look at and not at all old looking, more like a vintage modern style.”

When Gabby was little, she was the only girl in her family and she spent a lot of time with her mom. One day she found crocheting needles and yarn in her mother’s closet, and proceeded to bond with her mother through crocheting ever since and at the early age of seven, Gabby was on her way to making all sorts of incredible crochet works of art.

“I hardly ever see my Grandpa; he lives in California and never comes to visit,” Gabby mentioned, “So I was like ‘I want to make a scarf for Grandpa!” so, I was only seven but I thought it was the coolest thing in the world that I could make something.”

Keeping crocheting as a hobby however, Gabby plans to hopefully become something that deals with social work with kids or something with pediatrics as she has a love for children and a welcoming personality!

All in all, Gabriella’s crocheting is a unique characteristic of her, and it shows off many skills people generally don’t think about when it comes to her hobby, like her warmheartedness and patience for other people. Gabby clearly has a bright future ahead of her along with plenty of skills to help her get to her goals!


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