Musical Spotlight

Image from Kayla McLeod

Junior President, Kayla McLeod, has been singing alto in the FHS Concert Choir for the past three years. She had a solo in the song “That’s Christmas To Me”. She likes a lot of the songs that they have performed, but her favorite would have to be “The Awakening”. She thinks that it’s a beautiful song about how sad life would be without music. It’s also one of the longest songs that the choir has ever sang, but the thing that she likes the most about it, is that it’s the only one that’s ever shown a progression from sadness to happiness. The choir performs at a few different places each year. Kaylas favorite trip is when the choir goes to sing with the Brass Band. In fact, Mrs. Kirby’s father is the director of the Brass Band. 

“It always feels more professional than our other concerts,” said Kayla, “the band and the crowd always enjoy having us there and the experience is just all around fun.”

Although, Kayla has been singing ever since she could talk, she wasn’t in an official choir until 5th grade. From there, she was in the Field Middle School choir up to High School. She also plans on trying out for the Choir at whatever college she ends up attending. 

Kayla isn’t only in choir, she has also been in the drama club since her freshman year. She is usually in the cast. She has been in The Little Mermiad, And A Child Shall Lead, and Clue: The Musical.

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