Drama Cast List

Picture taken by Abby Mortimer over Kristen Luchka’s Website.

The list for the cast of Disney’s “Aladdin” is up! Kristen Luchka and Arwen Evenstar Smith, Field’s Drama Directors, recently posted it on their website, and most people were satisfied with the castings.

Jesse Roberts got the part of Aladdin, and Madi Fruedman received the roll of Jasmine. Maddi exclaimed, “I’m very excited to see how the musical goes. I’m also very happy with the role I got.”

Narrators, contradictory to what you might think, are essential, main parts to the story. They tell the story that is “Aladdin” through acting and musical numbers.

The part of Jafar, given to Chalker Conrad, is also a main part, being the villain. Most agreed he is well suited for the roll. His right hand man, Razoul, played by Brice Sweazy, is a smaller roll, but important, nonetheless. Brice stated, “The difficult part is over, now that we have the parts figured out, it’ll be fun from here on out.”

I think it is safe to say that everyone is excited for the outcome, and how the actors will play their part. The Drama Club welcomes anyone to come watch the production in the first week of May. See for yourself all the effort they put into making this a spectacular event.

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