Monthly TBT: February 2017


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image from PLAN.PL website
1. Mom Jeans – idea submitted by Abby Puleo, Freshman.     Mom Jeans; for those of you who didn’t follow the trend, are jeans worn up to the waist area, and sometimes held by a belt. They’re usually baggy, and rolled up at the ankles as well. This trend caught a wave of popularity back in the 1980’s, and made a comeback in 2014.





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image from tumblr website

2. Crocs – idea submitted by Lauren Hackley, Freshman.                                                                              One of the most unusual trends thought possible, Crocs became popular among teens in 2014, and some still wear them today. Many began to wear them as a joke, and the weird shoe expanded in popularity as people began to wear them more often. According to Forbes Magazine, Crocs sold 30 million pairs of shoes in 2014. Insane, right?


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image from YouTube website
  3. Calliou                                                            Calliou; an oddly popular children’s show meant to educate its viewers. It began to air in 1997, and still airs to this day. Many parents dislike the show, and prevent their kids from watching it, though, due to the tantrums the main character throws, along with the way he acts in general. Many people are surprised their parents even allowed them to watch it, since Calliou seems to be such a bad influence. It seems to show kids to cause a ruckus whenever they don’t get their way, instead of understanding what the word ‘no’ means. The show is still being debated among parents, and whether they want their kid to be watching or not.


Feature image from Youtube Website 




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