Senior Spotlight: Jaret Poth

This weeks Senior Spotlight is Jaret Poth or as some of his friends call him, JP. Jaret transferred to Field last year leaving Mogadore behind. When asked if he likes Field he said “I was really happy I came to Field, I liked it a lot.” Here at Field JP played football, track and basketball but had played them for four years prior to playing them at here.

Jarets favorite high school memory is “Going to Luke Kruse’s house after the football games.” Some kids from the football team would go over and said they would sit around the fire for hours. 

After graduating high school, Jaret is attending Youngstown college or Akron University. There he will be studying construction management. 

Jaret feels confident with his goals after graduation and is not stressed about it. I asked him how he stays to focused on his schooling and what keeps him going, Jaret then answered that his older brother really helps him a lot and keeps him on task. 

Picture credit: jpoth17 

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