Murals Pt. 2

Even more murals have been popping up recently.  With the addition of different murals such as the painting known as a “Miro” in Sra. Baker’s classroom, our entire school has becoming more colorful.

The “Miro” painted by Amanda Stayer and Miranda Evans

People have really been enjoying making these, Amanda Stayer states, “It was fun and I loved it. I hope to do more.”

Mr. Kline is the person. When asked about the progression of the murals, Mr. Kline stated, “I think they’re coming along quite well, but this is just a starting point.”

Mr. Kline also explained that it takes “about two weeks, which equates to about ten hours of work and that’s with a crew of six people. [We have] six working per crew with about two and a half crews. [Which is nearly] twelve to fifteen students.”

Everyone appears to like seeing the colorful pictures appearing on the walls. Some more than others. Mr. Kline thinks that the overall mood of the school has been improving ever since the murals have been made.

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